Yorkie Puppy Escapes Bald Eagle’s Clutches After Bird Snatches Her From Yard

An 8-month-old Yorkshire Terrier puppy is lucky to be alive after she escaped a bald eagle’s claws. Doorbell camera footage captured the scary moment of the young pup named Coco being snatched by the raptor from the backyard of her home in Metlakatla, British Columbia, writes reshareworthy

Coco is sipping some water from a bowl on the back porch and looks up. Seeing the eagle coming (from off screen) the dog lets out a bark but it’s too late and the bird swoops in and grabs Coco.

The sound of her yelping and seconds later sprinting back to the front door were captured on camera.

Speaking to Storyful, Coco’s dad Justin Dudoward says he had just let Coco outside and walked back inside the house only to rush back to the door after hearing his daughter screaming. A frightened Coco ran back inside.

“It was really scary. We didn’t know it was that bad until we went back and looked at my doorbell camera,” said Dudoward.

Dudoward said that he took Coco to the vet after noticing a laceration to her stomach (her intestine was hanging out). Fortunately, Coco has recovered after a short stay in hospital and has returned to playing outside “like nothing happened to her.”


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