Woman Walking In Park Sees Emaciated Dog With Sorrowful Eyes & Tries One Thing

The holidays are a time for people to celebrate and give thanks. One woman was out on a walk giving thanks for the blessings in her life when she saw something that rocked her to the core of her soul. While walking at a park near her St. Louis, Missouri home, a good Samaritan noticed a very sickly and emaciated dog all by herself. She could not just pass her by, so she called the Stray Rescue of St. Louis who immediately rushed to the scene, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Her saviors named her Hadley, and they too were stunned when they saw the poor dog’s ribs protruding through her skin. Just trying to lift up her head is exhausting for Hadley, as she has been neglected for far too long. The rescue group plans to feed her small meals slowly so she can build up her strength and increase her weight. Eating too much or too fast is considered dangerous for Hadley.

After the rescue group posted images of Hadley to social media, people’s hearts melted at the look in her innocent eyes. “Sweet Hadley,” the group wrote, “we are so sorry for the hell you’ve lived through. Your worried eyes tell us everything.”

Sweet Hadley is undergoing examinations and receiving plenty of TLC. We thank everyone who stepped up to help this precious baby’s life. For more about Hadley, press play on the video below.


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