Woman Took-In Street Dog That Escaped Every Night, Eventually Followed Him

A kind woman decided to adopt a stray dog from their poor village, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Sadly, too many animals were struggling to survive. She couldn’t help them all but she could help one deserving pup, so she did! The dog was sweet and loyal and took to his new owner fairly quickly. He wasn’t used to living inside a house so his new mom set up a nice dog house for him in the yard and gave him some room to roam.

However, she noticed that her dog left the yard at the exact time in the evening and would come back a couple of hours later. He was always tired from his journey and would catch up on sleep during the day. Thinking this was a bit strange, the dog’s new mom decided to follow him. She wanted to be sure he was okay.

What followed was quite remarkable. The dog’s mom hung back as he walked across the village to meet this other woman. The other woman was thrilled to see the dog and set a bag down in front of him. The bag contained a home-cooked meal. The dog ate some but then backed away. The woman then knew to take the bag and tie it up so the dog could carry it in his mouth.

As his new owner watched from a distance, totally astounded, the dog then walked away with the bag in tow. She followed him again. This time, the dog walked to a place where homeless animals congregated. What came next will blow your mind!

As much as we love dogs, and think they’re amazing, what this dog does next is proof that dogs are angels on earth. Don’t cheat yourself! Watch the incredible story below and learn all about the kind-hearted dog and his valiant deeds. Dogs never fail to amaze us!


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