Woman Rescues Abandoned Pit Bull From Railroad Tracks Just In Time

Nina Love is our hero, writes blog.theanimalrescuesite.greatergood

She rescues dogs that are abandoned on the streets of Philadelphia and gives them the second chance they all deserve.

But a recent rescue almost ended in tragedy.

Love heard about a pit bull abandoned in a park near active railroad tracks and knew she needed to act fast. She rushed to the area and spotted the grey and white dog on the tracks.

She risked her own life to save the dog.

“I knew the train was coming soon because it passed right before she ran onto them, and trains run every 10 to 15 minutes,” Love told The Dodo.

The pit bull was afraid and continued to walk away from Love down the train tracks. Time was not on Love’s side, so she called a friend to come and bring her foster dog, Teddy.

Teddy was the perfect distraction and reassurance the scared pup needed to allow the rescuers to capture her. Love and her friend were so focused on rescuing the pit bull that they didn’t hear the oncoming train.

“Seconds after [we captured the dog], the train came, and our adrenaline was so high we didn’t even hear the horn,” she said.

They managed to get off the tracks just in time.

Love says she knows the risks involved in rescues and takes them because the innocent dogs need someone to be their voice. She wrote, “She could have been killed, we all could have but I’m willing to go above and beyond because they deserve a second chance at life. (I’m never going on train tracks again ).”

The dog was named Xena and examined by a vet who believes she was abused in the past. Love cannot keep all the dogs she rescues and relies on fosters until a forever home can be found.

She put a plea out on social media looking for a calm and patient foster home for Xena. Love describes her as a “sweet but scared pup” who enjoys walks, back scratches, and meatballs.

It didn’t take long for someone to come forward to foster the sweet girl. Love treated Xena to a shopping trip at the pet store before she went to her new foster home.

She posted, “We found the perfect costume for Halloween (because I’m extra) ! Let her pick out her own bedding and toys for her to play with. Just dropped her off at her fosters house and I’m heading home!”

We need more people like Nina Love in the world. Be a voice for the voiceless.

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