Woman Hears Faint Cries From Trash Can, Cops Find Puppy In Sealed Plastic Bag

A Ybor City woman called 911 when she heard faint crying sounds coming from a trash can. The cops who responded to the call quickly arrived at the location and retrieved a tightly sealed shopping bag from the trash can, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They were horrified to find a tiny puppy gasping for breath when they opened the suffocating bag.

As the cops investigated the vicinity, they also stumbled upon the mama dog who was nursing 3 other puppies from the same litter under a shed. The scruffy little mama dog was relieved to reunite with her lost puppy. However, none of the locals had any idea about who abandoned the furry family in such a monstrous manner.

The mama dog and her 4 puppies were rushed to the Hillsborough County Pet Resources Center. Initially, all the puppies were having a severe heatstroke, but Officer Kristie Lewis judiciously used an ice cube to cool down the wee little babies. For now, the puppies are doing well and are being closely monitored by the center’s staff.

The cops have launched an investigation to find the irresponsible owner who dumped the mama dog and her newborn puppies like this. So far, the cops have no leads on the case. Any tips that could help track down the owner can be relayed to the Tampa Police Department. Spread the word.

Click the video below to watch how the puppies were rescued after being dumped in the trash can in the scorching heat.


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