Woman Hailed As ‘Angel Of Unwanted Pets’ Was Actually Hoarding And Abusing Pets

Some stories need to be told – no matter how sick and uncomfortable they make us feel. An animal welfare organization in Kobe, Japan, has come forward with some horrifying details regarding a disturbing case of animal hoarding and cruelty. The saddest part is that the prime suspect, a woman named Tamami Masuyama, was popularly known as the “angel of unwanted pets” for the past 2 decades, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Tamami apparently used to take in abandoned or undesirable cats and dogs from their owners. She had turned her home into a sanctuary for these animals, and would also care for sick and ageing pets from time to time. The woman was practically hailed by the community, until the animal welfare organization uncovered her dishonorable truth.

The animal rescue organization had previously assigned a dog under Tamami’s care. But upon receiving no update on the dog for months, a worker decided to visit her place. That’s when the worker discovered the nightmarish living situation of the dogs and cats in the 54-year-old’s custody.

Tamami’s home was littered with piles of animal feces in every corner, while the sick and emaciated dogs were screaming and barking as they huddled up on garbage bags. As the worker inspected further, she discovered the mummified remains of several pets on the second floor of the house.

An animal cruelty investigation was soon launched against Tamami, and 52 dogs and cats were removed from her home. 25 dogs and 4 cats are in a critical condition. Meanwhile, 16 tons of animal waste was cleaned from the residence. The cops have arrested Tamami on charges of killing and abusing dozens of animals.

Seeing the rise in cases of mass animal abuse, the government has updated the law to regulate owners who take in more pets than they can handle. As per the revised law, Tamami faces imprisonment of maximum 5 years or fine up to 5 million yen ($48,000) for killing animals. She also faces a maximum 1-year prison term or a fine of maximum 1 million yen ($9,600) for animal abuse.


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