Woman Filmed While Throwing Her Disabled Dog Out Of Her Car

The video below, that was taken in Brazil, shows a horrifying animal abandonment, when a woman throws her disabled dog out of a car, and kicks him into his face on the ground, writes thepetneed

You can see in the video below that the woman took her 2 dogs out of the car and throws Tintin, the disabled dog and get the healthy one back in the vehicle. The poor dog tried to get back in the car, but she kicked him in the face. A Good Samaritan then found the poor Tintin and took him back to the woman, who later took him to a different spot and dumped him again!

Thankfully, the distressed Tintin was then rescued by the local animal protection services. Animal lovers all over the world are now asking to prevent this 2-faced owner from having any pet as she really doesn’t deserve. We hope that the authorities will find her and give her what she really deserves.

Watch the video below.

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