Woman Can’t Stop Crying When Reunited With Her Dog After 3 Months Of Searching

When a puppy is lost, his family’s life turns into empty days filled with anguish and desolation as they pass, writes valuablestories

The despair of not knowing anything about that animal, which is family, takes on the spirit of home and the strength of each one to move on. And so join forces to try everything to find him alive and well.

It really is an experience no one wants to go through, but unfortunately, that is what happened to Nabila Mohamed. A young Argentinian woman after losing her beloved puppy Congo, disappeared without a trace.

“Never leave your dogs in the care of other people” Nabila said.

After Congo was lost, Nabila’s life wasn’t the same. The hope of seeing Congo again kept her alert and strong to search everywhere for her cub.

Fortunately, after months of searching, Nabila’s long-awaited wish to be reunited with her beloved pet has come true thanks to the reach of social media.

After this emotional reunion, the young Argentine published beautiful photographs on her networks that speak for themselves.
The images show the overflowing joy of Nabila and Congo after that hug full of love and happiness that is undoubtedly the ultimate expression of love.

Through its social networks, the young woman from Bahía Blanca, Argentina, shared the happy news. Finally, after three months of anguish, she managed to find the whereabouts of her puppy Congo and wanted to record the exact moment she saw him.

“After three months of being lost, this is the reunion,” wrote Nabila along with the touching photo.

With the publication of the happy picture, Nabila not only made the news known to her loved ones, but also made a stir on social media. And within a few hours the publication had received hundreds and hundreds of reactions for the great reunion of this couple.

Users of the networks sympathized with Nabila and Congo’s feelings, expressing their allergy with messages of affection and celebration.

“I’ll leave you with a picture later that day. His name is Congo and I am from Bahía Blanca. It was the worst 102 days of my life. Never leave your dogs in other people’s care because he had a chip and he still wasn’t any good!” Nabila added.

This young woman’s ear-to-ear smile shows us that hope is the last thing we should lose in urgent situations like the one she had to experience.

We celebrate Nabila’s reunion with her beloved Congo by sharing her emotional images.


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