Woman Admits To Kicking & Punching Tiny Dog Because He “Jumped On Her Son”

Whenever someone hurts a dog and footage is posted on social media, animal lovers often get involved with comments of disgust, outrage, and sadness. A woman in Houston is being accused of kicking and punching a small dog, as seen by millions of people in a now-viral video online. According to KPRC, the woman and her son are now receiving death threats, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The woman is known as “Jay,” and she admits to kicking and punching the dog but says the dog allegedly jumped on her 5-year-old son. The Houston Police Department’s Animal Cruelty Unit got involved after people contacted the police. Jay says her son “fell” and the dog then “jumped on top of him.”

In the video, the woman chases the dog, who jumps inside a vehicle. Once the dog is inside the car, he cowers and the woman begins punching and kicking the pup while he yelps in pain and fear. Jay admitted she did not post the video and she has no idea who recorded it or who posted it. In the video, people are heard laughing, but Jay said she has no idea who is doing that either.

The Kris Kelly Foundation, an organization that works to save animals from the hands of abusers, posted the video onto Facebook, and it went viral. The post included personal information about the woman in question, and that’s when Jay says things got ugly. Some of the comments included. “Burn in hell,” and “You both deserved to get kicked in the teeth and it’ll happen, don’t worry we have your address.”

Katie Fine with the Houston Humane Society reported they see this a lot with cruelty cases. Jay filed a police report and says the dog does not belong to her. As of this writing, Houston Police are not commenting on potential charges in the case.


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