Wild Monkey Brings Her Hurt Baby To Doctor’s Clinic For Help

A wild monkey brought her infant to a doctor’s office for help after her baby had gotten injured. Dr. S.M. Ahmed runs a medical clinic in India. When the animals appeared outside of his clinic he noticed that they were both hurt. The mama had a head injury and the baby had a hurt leg, writes reshareworthy

The doctor signalled to the female monkey to come inside and she listened. With her baby clutching her chest, the monkey came inside and sat down calmly on his counter so that he could treat them. She even showed the doctor the spot on her head that was hurt, according to the India Times.

A short video was shared on Twitter showing Dr. Ahmed treating his unusual patients.

सासाराम में जब एक बंदर अपने बच्चे के साथ खुद का इलाज़ करवाने पहुंचा निजी अस्पताल। इलाज़ करने वाले डॉक्टर एस एम अहमद खुद को सौभाग्यशाली समझ रहे है की हनुमान जी खुद चलकर इनके पास पहुंचे

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Here’s a news video clip on YouTube if you have trouble viewing the Twitter video above:

The India Times reported that, “Dr. Ahmed administered tetanus injection and also spread ointment on the wounds of both the monkeys.”

After the doctor finished administering the medical treatment, the mama lay down to rest with her baby, no doubt relieved to have found a safe place to stay for a while.

When she was ready to go, the doctor asked the crowd of onlookers who had gathered to watch to disperse so that she could leave his clinic without incident.


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