Wild Fox Wants To Play With Cat In Garden

A friendly fox really wants a family cat to play with him after the feline joins him in a garden. And so that’s what the black cat does, writes reshareworthy

The fox and cat’s adorable interaction was caught on surveillance camera by a homeowner in Brighton, Sussex in the UK, who shared the video of the two animals having fun outside.

In the video footage, the fox (who the homeowner nicknames “Freddy”) is sniffing around in the yard and finds a ball in the grass and some garden gloves on a brick wall. Loki the cat is curious as to what “Freddy” is up to and watches as the fox explores the yard.

Soon “Freddy” finds the garden gloves and grabs one to play with. He pounces on it and throws it in the air like it was a toy (or prey). But Loki is more interested in playing “chase” and runs at Freddy off after the fox tries to grab the other glove.

The cat’s body language doesn’t indicate that he’s afraid of the fox at all. Notice Loki’s tail isn’t puffed up and his fur on spine isn’t standing up. And Freddy doesn’t seem to take any of Loki’s chases as threatening. In fact, the two end up playing what seems to be a game of peek-a-boo around the pots!


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