When The Worried Mama Elephant Can’t Wake Her Calf, A Keeper Runs Over To Help

No matter the specie in the animal kingdom, motherly instincts are always present. Just like with humans, it’s a natural reaction to put their offspring above themselves and do whatever necessary to protect them. And in the video below, we have a mother elephant who becomes worried after trying to wake her little one to no avail, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The longer the calf continues to lie there on the ground, the more stressed and nervous Mama becomes. But one of the keepers notices this, and he steps in to see what’s the matter. The Prague Zoo employee approaches the baby and is able to wake him, and the mother’s mind is finally put to ease!

The calf (yet to be named) spends most of the day running around and frolicking in the outdoor areas. But as they’ve all learned, he’s a very sound sleeper! Mama’s concern was so human-like, and it just shows how intelligent and emotional these creatures truly are.


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