Watch As This Alleged Bait Dog Slowly Learns To Trust Again

When staff at Second Chance Rescue in New York City posted Tommy’s photo on their Facebook page, they begged someone to foster or adopt this severely emaciated Pittie from Texas. With ribs poking out under stretched skin and scars that told of abuse and neglect, Tommy’s days were numbered, writes

Slated to be euthanized the day before the post went up, he was already out of time.

For SCR to help Tommy, they needed someone from Texas to pull him from the shelter until he could be transported to New York. But the thought of letting this dog die without a chance at a happy ending was too much for Jennifer Brooks, president of SCR, who said this in a statement for The Dodo:

“I knew this was a dog who hadn’t seen a good day in his life…To know that Tommy would die…be put to sleep after such horrible treatment and lack of love literally ripped out my heart. We want to give Tommy a chance to know what love is. We want him to feel safe and secure, and know that he will never be hurt again.”

Tommy got the chance he so desperately needed and deserved thanks to Dallas DogRRR, a group of amazing volunteers dedicated to helping the forgotten pups of Dallas, Texas. Volunteer foster Kerry Anechiarico took on the challenge of bringing this terrified dog back from the despair that had been his reality. A vet confirmed what rescuers were afraid of — Tommy’s injuries were indicative of his having been used as a bait dog, used in dogfighting.

While SCR is paying for Tommy’s care in Texas, Kerry is working with him to teach him that not all humans are cruel, and that he will never be abused again.

Updates to Kerry’s Facebook page of Tommy carefully and nervously climbing onto the couch or hesitating before letting Kerry pet him are both heartbreaking and heartwarming – seeing Tommy cautiously start to trust again is undeniable proof that dogs just want to be loved and to feel like they belong.

Tommy spends his days hanging with his canine foster siblings, who are teaching him to be a dog again — a dog who doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.

For more updates on Tommy, follow Second Chance Rescue on Facebook. And if you can, please donate on their website so they can go on saving dogs like Tommy.


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