Volunteer Carries Cat In Flight From Ukraine to US To Reunite Him With Owner

There is no doubt that the Russian invasion of Ukraine has turned countless lives upside down, leaving hundred of thousand between injured and dead and millions displaced from their houses, writes thepetneeds

In addition to that, many people were forced to leave their pets behind to be able to escape the country. However, in every hardship, there are many people who do their best to make things easier on the other people.

So, in Ukraine there are many people who tried to reunite pets with their owners. When the invasion started in February, a Ukrainian woman called Larysa Frisby was in Arkansas, US. However, she did not have to flee the conflict but Persik, her cat, was still in Ukraine and she wanted to get him to safety, but did not know how.

So, her story was heard by Humane Society International and they decided to help her to reunite with her cat again. So, the director of animal disaster, Kelly Donithan, received the cat in Warsaw, Poland by Larysa’s cousin. She then managed to fly with Persik from there to America.

Thankfully, Larysa Frisby reunited with Persik after a very long journey. Thanks to Kelly Donithan who did whatever it took to reunite the cat with his owner. Watch the video below.

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