Video Captures Tender Moment As Shy Dog & Scared Rescue Cat Meet For First Time

If you’ve ever wondered about the first thoughts that come to a pet’s mind in a new home, then we have the perfect video for you, writes ilovemydogsomuch

This award-winning video captures the delicate moments as a scared new kitten, Ricky, finds the way into the heart of the family dog, Romy.

As Ricky narrates his story, we get to know that he had seen a tough life before adoption. He was covered in fleas, and had a naturally fearful personality. When he finally found a new home, he was relieved, but also wary of the struggles that lay ahead.

When he entered his new home, he set eyes on Romy. Romy was painfully shy, and had trouble getting along with other dogs. When she saw little Ricky, she was curious, but also apprehensive to approach him.

There are many adorable moments in this video, as Ricky tries to break the ice with Romy, but Romy’s introverted barrier is too hard to surpass.

When Ricky finally gets a bath, he starts looking like the cutest creature on this planet. Slowly but steadily, Romy’s heart melts as little Ricky wins her over with his earnest friendship. The soothing storytelling in this video makes it a must watch, as we see how Romy comes to cherish her new baby brother!

Click the video below to watch the innocent baby steps before the start of this lifelong bond between Ricky and Romy!


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