Video An Baby elephant loves her human parents so so so much!

It’s completely natural for children to be mischievous. Whether they’re human children or baby animals, they’re probably small jokes. Recently, a baby elephant was caught being mischievous accompanied by two legal guardians, writes pet.viral83news

The baby elephant, Wan Mai, was with her mother Mae Mai and her nanny Srinuan. They were under the care and supervision of the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand.

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It is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting Asian elephants.

The trio decided to cool off in a nearby river. But even though Mae Mai and Srinuan were at peace in the middle of the river, little Wan Mai had her own plans. He raised his tail and ran to one of his legal guardians.

After spending time with her, the baby elephant hurried to approach the other guard and swam against the current of the river. He plunged his face under the river water for a brief moment.

After a while, little Wan Mai sat in the water next to one of her legal guardians. The mischievous elephant also tried to get under the belly of its guardian.

But unfortunately it failed and got my whole body wet in the process. After a while, one of Wan Mai’s legal guardians decided to dive into the water and briefly immerse his face. After that, the three of them decided to get out of the water to the riverbank.

Little Wan Mai tried to hug each guard one after another on the ground. Even though the baby elephant was full of mischief, his two legal guardians were tolerant of Wan Mai.

Watch the video below


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