Victim Of Dog Meat Trade Has Opportunity For A Real Family But Holds Back

A dog, later named Motery, was found all alone with her mouth taped shut, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Her hind legs were also tied together with a shoelace. When kind humans finally found Motery, they were heartbroken. How could anyone be this cruel to an animal? It truly is unthinkable.

Motery (we will call her Mo for short) is a victim. She’s not just a victim of animal abuse and cruelty but of the underground dog meat trade. While dog meat farms are illegal in Bali, they still operate under the radar. Mo’s rescuers believe she escaped slaughter by jumping off of a vehicle on its way to the farm. She had been wandering alone ever since.

With her hind legs bound and her mouth sealed, it is a miracle she is still alive. Mo’s rescuers brought her to a local vet clinic to get her the help she desperately needs. From not being able to eat or drink, Mo was severely malnourished and dehydrated. She needed IV fluids and supplemental nutrition to regain her strength.

The vet estimated that Mo is only five months old. She’s just a baby! From her mouth being sealed, she developed a serious infection. She’s put on a high dose of antibiotics. When it was time to cut the tape off of her mouth, everyone held their breath. They knew it would be scary for her. Luckily they gave her pain medication and light sedation. The puppy was such a trooper!

Within a few weeks, Mo put on weight. She showed everyone how strong she is. Even though she was treated so badly, she had nothing but love to give. It was quite inspiring. To be able to forgive the human race for such unthinkable cruelty just shows how special she is.

Mo was finally able to eat on her own. But the vet still decided she would need surgery on her snout. In order for her to live as normal of a life as possible, she needed skin graphs and reconstructive surgery. This way she could eat easier and even play as a puppy should! Mo didn’t just pull through surgery, she did absolutely amazing!

Mo’s rescuers were worried that potential adopters would be turned off by her appearance. They were also concerned that Mo, who was so used to the vet clinic, wouldn’t adjust to a new life in a forever home. Thankfully, adoption applications came pouring in once Mo’s story was shared on social media.

A very nice couple wrote a beautiful letter to Mo’s rescuers. This surely put their application on top! Mo’s rescuers called the couple and asked if they would like to come and meet Mo. Everyone was so nervous. Mo had been through so much and while she was very sweet, she could be shy around new people.


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