Two former circus elephants reunite after 20 years apart in touching video

While animals and humans may not look the same, it’s hard to deny the incredible similarities they share, writes homesluxury

Just like human beings, animals are capable of joy and grief – and every time such an emotional moment comes along – just remind us how alike we actually are.

Such a heart-melting moment recently unfolded and the remarkable story quickly gained worldwide attention. Two former circus elephants reunited after 22 years apart and the captured footage left everyone in tears.

Taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we see the incredible moment Shirley and Jenny recognize each other for the first time after over two decades apart. Not only is the reunion emotional, but it serves as a sobering reminder that these animals have the capacity to feel love just like we do.

The keepers are just as emotional as they watch the elephants meet for the first time in years. With anticipation in their eyes, they take in the beautiful moment as the elephants suddenly recognize each other through the gates. What happens next will leave you in tears, as they wrap their trunks around each other in a loving embrace. See the incredible moment two former circus elephants reunite in the emotional below – this story never gets old!


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