Tired Of Hunting Game For Cruel Master, He Kicked Her So She’d Never Walk Again

Most of us consider our dogs to be family, more like our children than companions, writes ilovemydogsomuch

But still, there are many dog owners who consider their canines as property to perform a specific job and that is it. We hope that these working dogs are treated well but in some cases, they’re only given the basics. Some are given even less…

This is Ruby’s story.

Ruby was used for one purpose and that was to hunt game for her master. She did her best. She knew if she performed well then she wouldn’t be hit or yelled at. Sometimes if she did a really good job, she would even get extra food. There was even one time she was rewarded with a pat on the head.

But then Ruby got older and tired. According to her owner, she didn’t do what she was supposed to and let the animal they were hunting escape. She was doing her best but it wasn’t good enough. Sadly, however, Ruby was punished.

Ruby’s master decided she was no longer worth the effort. He beat her so badly that he shattered her hips. He then dumped her like trash.

Thankfully, she was found and rescued and taken immediately for medical care. The medical team treated her wounds, her dehydration, and malnourishment. Then they scheduled surgery. For the first time ever, Ruby was treated like she mattered! The staff made her feel safe. After surgery, Ruby recovered nicely. Then, the best thing happened… The rescuers found her a forever family!

When her new family picked her up, they gave her something very special: LOVE!

WOW! She had no idea that love could feel this good! Ruby now has a life filled with hugs and kisses. She would no longer be used then discarded. She would be treasured!

ALL dogs deserve the best life possible. Share Ruby’s story so more people understand that. Sadly, working dogs are sometimes treated like . They are used for their keen noses and hearing then put back in their cage once their job is done. THIS IS NOT A REAL LIFE. IT IS NOT FAIR. Dogs need to be treasured and appreciated.

We are so happy that Ruby finally got the life she deserves!


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