Tiny Rescue Dog Supposed To Live Only For A Few Months Defies Expectations

“She started a chain of events in our lives that we never expected.” That’s what happened when a couple adopted Pipsqueak, thinking they would be temporary fosters to the little puppy mill rescue dog, writes reshareworthy

Pipsqueak weighs a mere 1.8 pounds. When she was first rescued, she was expected to live only another 6 months because of the health issues related to her breeding. But 8 years later…

Pipsqueak is not only a mighty force in a small body, she’s a wonderful inspiration.

She’s got a bunch of different barks in her repertoire to let her family know what she wants when she wants it. She bravely fights through her health setbacks, and she’s also a wonderful therapy dog, inspiring children with special needs just like her.

Pipsqueak’s family cherish every moment with her as they never thought they would get as much time with her as they have. Not only that, but Pipsqueak has inspired them too. Since rescuing her, they have taken in more special needs dogs and senior dogs who need love like she did over the years.


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