Tiger Rescued From The ‘World’s Worst Zoo’ Now He Knows What Freedom Feels Like

Tiger Rescued From The “World’s Worst Zoo” Now He Knows What Freedom Feels Like

As promised a new update from Laziz: the tiger, who we rescued from a zoo in Gaza, becomes calmer from day to day and is spending more time outside his cabin.

His new bigger enclosure at the LIONSROCK Lodge & Big Cat Sanctuary is right next to this one, so he is not going through another stressful journey. Whenever he is ready and relaxed enough that we can open the gate, he can easily walk through it and enjoy his permanent home. By the way as you can see in the video, it seems Laziz is quite into wood. We can’t really say why, but we guess it’s because he never felt wood before.

Since Laziz probably never had wood in this form in his cage in Gaza, he literally enjoys sharpening his claws on tree trunk. In addition the supports of his hut are also good places to rub against, on the one hand of wellbeing reasons and on the other hand to mark his territory.

We’re thrilled that he enjoys this place so much and are curious how he finds his large enclosure! What do you think, why does he have such a passion for wood?

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