Three Bear Cubs Spotted Wrestling And Playing With Flagstick On North Carolina Golf Course

Golf is typically viewed as a boring sport, but three bear cubs prove it can be a fun activity when you bend the rule, writees blog.theanimalerescuesite.greatergood.

In the picturesque mountain town of Lake Toxaway, North Carolina, three bear cubs wandered onto a golf course and paused to play.

Two of the cubs wrestled and rolled around on the green without a care in the world. The third spotted the flagstick, which is used to mark the hole, and decided to play “capture the flag”.

The tenacious cub repeatedly jumped on the flag and then watched as it snapped back up. Some compared the hilarious act to a dog playing with a door stopper.

The bear never surrendered, even though it looked like it for a brief moment.

Arden Botha witnessed the rambunctious cubs playing and recorded it (from a safe distance) for all to see.

The cubs were allowed to “play through” because even though mama bear never made an appearance, it was clear she was nearby.

All three bears eventually ran off into the woods.

The 40-second video has gone viral and was shared by Danny Deraney on Twitter with the caption, “Good morning to these baby bears playing on the green and to these baby bears only.”

It has made the day of countless people who couldn’t resist commenting.

One person said it perfectly, “This looks like way more fun than golf.”

Another wrote, “The one attacking the flag never surrendered that I noticed!”

Multiple people agreed it was the “best” use of a golf course.

Check out the entertaining video below and don’t forget to share!


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