This Stray Dog Jumped Inside A Random Car And Then Found Her Forever Home!

Bill Shaver, a man who resides in Missouri and loves to go out for fishing, decided to pull over for a quick restroom stop. He left his car door open and the engine running at the same time, since he wouldn’t be out for too long, writes barkpuppy

What he didn’t know was that it’d be the new dawn of his life with the most unexpected partner he could ever have– stray dog jumped in the car and decided to take a little nap!

River’s too malnourished when she jumped in the car; she seems exasperated and hungry! Maybe she’s looking for a warm and cozy place to sleep, and luckily, Bill’s car was there. It’s a place open just for her to snuggle up tight.

Bill’s surprised to see the stray dog sleeping on his passenger seat. It’s wonderful that Bill and his wife are both dog lovers! Bill gave River a little kibble to eat and his heart crushed to watch her eat.

She’s starving and thankful at the same time. He immediately called his wife to let her know about this stray dog and his intentions to keep him for good. Angela the wife, without any hesitation, agreed to take sweet River home.

River was at first too scared to leave the car, so Bill had to carry her out towards their backyard to let her feel comfortable and to also let her know that this is her new home. River then started sniffing around until she finally felt at ease.

The family also have several dogs at home, and they had to introduce river to all of them one after the other, and the couple’s so relieved when they saw all of them get along very well with River. It’s indeed a good sign that River finally found her forever home!


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