This Puppy Just Started Training To Become A Police Dog. He Is The Most Loving And Enthusiastic Recruit

If we could go back in time and show our ancestors what we have made of the ancient bond between dogs and people, they would most likely have several questions. On the one hand, they would surely find it wonderful that we have invited them into our homes and that we treat them not much differently than the rest of our family members, writes top.13.

On the other hand, they might have a few doubts about the hats, vests and carriers in which we frequently transport them.

What they would certainly respect without fail, is the way we embrace their capabilities that go beyond those of humans and use them to shape our societies. Their smell and hearing are highly valued by the security services and other local authorities. Their loyalty also makes them the best companions for those who have to deal with dangerous and violent people on a daily basis.

It is very likely that the image we have of one of these dogs is a brave German Shepherd or a strong Doberman. How about a cute puppy only a couple of months old?

That’s Säm, the most enthusiastic and energetic puppy of his canine off

icer school. The puppy lives in Estonia, where he has already been assigned a caretaker. Kristi Pai will guide the puppy in his training. Just looking at the pictures we can be sure that this process will not be easy at all. That puppy is capable of melting the heart of whoever is put in front of him.

Säm joined the training with his brother Terror, another puppy of similar lineage and breeding. The northern prefecture will be Säm’s home. Luckily for him, he has no problem making friends.

His training will include everything from recognizing illicit substances, to protecting his human companions and even, although we wish he would never have to use them, attack tactics and neutralizing suspects.

Although the truth is that if Säm maintains half of his characteristics when he becomes an adult dog, we are sure that any thief or trafficker will easily surrender to the charms of this little dog. And in case he doesn’t, it will be enough to show them pictures or videos of his training. Kindness is much stronger than violence or intimidation.


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