This Little Girl Rescued A Puppy But Had to Let Him Go. One Week Later, She Was in Tears.

Elizabeth is an adorable 7-year-old from New Jersey who volunteered to help in a pet rescue mission, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She helped save a very cute puppy that she liked very much, but once the puppy was rescued she was taken by professionals to get looked at.

A week later, the little girl was invited to the Meredith Vieira daytime talk show, as Meredith was speaking about the animal rescue effort. The host addressed the little girl and began asking her about the dog that she rescued. They then showed a picture of Elizabeth crying while holding the puppy. When asked why she was crying, she responded that, “She liked helping and wanted to keep the puppy.”

It was obvious by her reaction that she didn’t want to see the puppy go. What Elizabeth didn’t know, however, was that Meredith had a surprise in store for her.

As a thank you to the little girl, a man appeared from backstage with a giant silver box with a bow on it. What happened next absolutely shocked Elizabeth. Inside the box was the puppy she had saved just the week before. She was able to keep the puppy she so badly wanted. The little girl was so overwhelmed with emotion that she began to cry with joy.

It’s always great when stories have a happy ending. Especially when they bring together a little girl and her rescued puppy.


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