This Homeless Puppy Was Shot Dozens Of Times In Head, But She Kept Fighting For Her Life

A stray puppy wandering on the side of the road just outside Beirut, Lebanon, recently caught the attention of Amal Andari as she and a friend drove by. Though they only meant to give her some water, when they discovered a gaping wound on her head, they knew she needed more serious help – and fast, writes boredpanda

After rushing the small, ailing dog to a nearby vet, X-ray scans revealed that the poor thing had been shot dozens of times with a pellet gun, most likely by local teenagers looking for ‘fun,’ and that she was infected with parvovirus. Andari, a volunteer for welfare organisation Animals Lebanon, told The Dodo that it’s a disturbingly common occurrence in her country, along with poisonings of homeless dogs.

Though the tormented puppy, now named Bondok, was left hurt and blinded as the result of her attack, she remained determined to live. Beating the 25% chance of survival she had initially been given, Bondok is now well on the mend, and is ready to find her special forever home – in, or outside of Lebanon. If you’d like to adopt Bondok, or if you’re able to help pay for her care, reach out to Animals Lebanon now.

Amal Andari was recently driving near Beirut, Lebanon, when she saw a roadside stray puppy

She only stopped to give her some water, but then she noticed a serious wound on her head

After rushing the puppy to a nearby vet, X-rays revealed the disturbing truth

She had been shot dozens of times with a pellet gun, most likely ‘for fun’ by local teenagers

Though she was hurt, blinded, and left to die after her vicious attack, she held on

That same puppy, now named Bondok, has beaten the odds and made a full recovery

Though Bondok is now happy and healthy, she’s still looking for a special forever home

Could you be the one to keep her safe for the rest of her days? If so, contact Animals Lebabnon now

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