This Cutie Was Left All Alone At The Doorstep And He Is So Sad

Surprises are pretty great. Specially when the surprise is a present. What could be better than a surprise present? A PUPPY SURPRISE! Don’t you agree, writes ilovemydogsomuch

These parents do! They really wanted to give their little girl a puppy, but she had struggled with eczema and allergies her entire life. Most dog breeds aren’t allergy-friendly, so these parents searched and finally decided upon getting their daughter a Coton de Tulear puppy.

They didn’t tell her about the new puppy, and decided to surprise her with it. And boy was she happy they did! As soon as she learned who the puppy was for, their daughter is SO HAPPY! Her reaction is amazing.

The parents say that they were more surprised by the depth of gratitude their daughter showed for this puppy surprise than they were by her squeals and tears of excitement. Dogs really are amazing companions, and we can’t wait for this family to enjoy their newest member!


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