They Tried To Starve Him & Beat The Spirit Out Of Helpless Dog But He Still Wags

The Capital Area Humane Society in Lansing, Michigan sees a lot of homeless pets come through their doors. The most recent case of animal cruelty is literally breaking the hearts of everyone involved in the situation. Recently, a dog came through their doors in such grave condition that staff members had no idea how the pooch was still alive, writes ilovemydogsomuch

He was covered from head to toe in feces and urine, had many puncture wounds on his frail body, and suffered from starvation. Workers immediately took the dog, whom they named Ralphie, to an emergency veterinary clinic where life-saving measures began. As of this writing, Ralphie has stabilized but he is still in very guarded condition. He wags his tail, is in good spirits, gives kisses, and even tries jumping up to get and give hugs.

Capital Area Humane Society CEO, Julia Willson shared, “It’s really important that we hold people like this accountable. this can’t be tolerated in our community.”

There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the responsible party. Anyone who has information is asked to contact the Eaton County Animal Control at (517) 543-5755. In the meantime, the humane society thanks the young man who found Ralphie and brought him into the shelter. Had he gone on much longer in his condition, the dog certainly would have perished.


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