They Tried To Snuff Out Friendly Pup But Dog Ran Home To Owner With Burnt Face

Buddy the dog is a beautiful Lab mix who lived a carefree, country life in Tate County, Mississippi. Most dogs that live in rural areas of Mississippi run around in their yards and community, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Buddy wagged at everyone he met, and several people commented that he was the sweetest dog they ever met. Sadly, the dog who was a threat to no one is now fighting for his life, and the police need help from the general public.

According to the Tunica Humane Society, someone or a group of disturbed individuals set Buddy on fire. No one knows who did it or why, but poor Buddy returned home with a charred face and an extension cord wrapped around his neck. The majority of his injuries were to the face and neck, but Buddy was determined not to let the bad guys win. He was rushed to the vet and is now in the care of the Tunica Humane Society. Though he has a very long road ahead, Buddy is fighting back and wants to live.

“His face is so swollen from the burns, his eyes are not visible at the moment. Dr. Lisa says he will likely have to undergo surgery if his eyes can be saved at all,” Tunica Humane Society wrote on Facebook. “He is likely to have damage to his nasal cavity that could require another surgery. All of the burnt flesh on his face will be peeling off in the days to come.” With all of these injuries, staff will monitor Buddy closely for system-wide signs of infections from trauma.

A community is outraged, and Buddy’s story is being shared across social media. A cash reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest in this case. As Buddy continues to fight for his life, anyone with information is asked to call Detective Lisa Sanders with the Tate County Sheriff’s Department at 662-562-4434. Paw prayers are extended to Buddy for a successful and complete recovery.


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