They Knew Pup With 3 Paws Was 5-Weeks Old But They Still Left Him Alone In A Dirt Lot

A rescue group in Crete got a call about a tiny puppy living in a dirt lot. Some neighbors made a makeshift dog house for him but it was not suitable for any dog, especially this little boy. A puppy that wasn’t even six weeks old, writes ilovemydogsomuch

When rescuers finally met the little guy, they later named Georgie, they were in awe. He was tinier than expected. He came over to say ‘hello’ and when the rescuer picked him up, it was discovered that he was missing an entire paw. Living in the dirt lot wasn’t just unsafe, but could have caused a bad infection. Thankfully they rescued Georgie when they did. Why no one took him inside their home is a wonder to us all.

Georgie was immediately taken to the shelter where he met friendly and gentle cats and dogs. He finally got a good meal and a decent night’s sleep. He didn’t have to fall asleep to the sounds of loud traffic. Or worry about getting his next meal or bowl of water.

Quickly, a man met Georgie and fell head over paws for him. He adopted him and gave him a beautiful home with all the love Georgie could ever want.

Georgie even got a prosthetic paw! He’s full grown now and very happy. He will never EVER have to worry about living in a dirt lot again!

Please, if you see an animal in distress, don’t leave him alone outside. If you can’t take him in yourself, call around until you find someone who can care for him until help arrives.


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