Therapy Dog With Big Heart Faces Life-Threatening Challenges & Mom Breaks Down

Dogs are the purest form of love on earth, and Boris is an example of one of those amazing pups, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Sweet Boris volunteers his time to help sick children in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, through therapy dog work and cheering everyone up. He is half St. Bernard and half Poodle and recently turned 11 years old. Since he is a certified therapy dog, he makes sure children and adults feel good anytime he is around.

These days, however, Boris is fighting a battle of his own and could use the good wishes and kind thoughts of dog lovers. He’s had his spleen removed, has heart disease, and battles six cardiac issues on a regular basis. Some of his challenges include arrhythmia, an enlarged heart, and fluid starting to accumulate in his lungs. However, Boris is determined to keep going and fighting the good fight.

Boris’ owner, Molly Betensley, shared, “My mom… she was very ill and she had had a procedure in Detroit. Boris and I drove 11 hundred miles, he was in the backseat and we got to the hospital and she was in the ICU and she had coded; they couldn’t wake her up and Boris went right into her hospital room and licked her face and she came too, and she was aware it was Boris and that I was there.”

His mom feels because Boris gives so freely of himself to make others happy that it helps keep him around to this day. He takes medications on a strict regimen and gets up every day at 5 am for a walk. We love hearing stories like this and wish Boris all the best in helping to brighten the lives of those around him. Stay well and keep doing such amazing things, Boris!


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