The Unlikely Friendship Between A House Cat And A Bearded Dragon

Cats are normally somewhat solitary animals. They don’t have a lot of friends. But every once in a while, they seem to vibe quite well with a fellow animal, writes blog.therainforestsite.greatergood

And for Baby, an all-white cat, this cool new friend happened to be a female bearded dragon named Charles.

The two besties are the prime example of how love and friendship transcend all species. Baby is three times the size of Charlies and could easily injure the little lizard if he wanted to, but instead, he’s more than happy to be best friends.

Rather than doing anything to harm her, Baby prefers to keep things light-hearted.

The duo love to spend their time cuddling with one another. The little bearded dragon is even there to provide comfort to Baby whenever he gets frightened by thunderstorms. Additionally, these two love to share their meals together.

And they make quite the dynamic duo when it comes to being their home’s security system. Little Charles has even proved that she’s no pushover, having stolen Baby’s bed a few times and forcing the cat to “sleep in a box.” Every friendship has its ups and downs I guess.

These two besties are certainly friends for life, as their owner has shared on Instagram, and it’s doubtful that will change any time soon.

This beautiful friendship is a great example of how we can learn so much from how animals interact with one another, as well as how they treat each other will plenty of kindness and respect.

Watch the video below:


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