The True Story Behind The Viral Photo Of Dog Sleeping In A Cemetery

A heartbreaking photo of a German Shepherd in a cemetery went viral in April 2015 and was shared by animal lovers all over the world. The dog, curled up in the crevice, was thought to be a loyal dog grieving for her deceased owner. It turns out, this was not the dog’s story at all. Her story is still a heartbreaking one, but one that has a happy ending, writes reshareworthy

The dog was not grieving for a lost loved one, but rather she’s a homeless dog, who was looking for a safe place to care for her babies!

The mother dug a den at this graveside in novi beograd, a municipality in belgrade, serbia.

The dog and her babies were discovered at the cemetery by animal rescuers.

Mom was hungry and ate from their hands.

Dog rescuer vesna mihajloski saved the mom and her babies and brought them home.

Since then, the mom and her puppies have been getting medical care and attention.

The puppies are growing up.

And getting bigger.

Mom looks happy that she and her puppies are in safe and welcoming hands.

I’m sure the puppies will find loving homes. Share this heartwarming animal rescue with your family and friends!


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