The sick dog roamed the streets for 11 years. One day, it fell asleep on the porch of the woman who changed her life

Solo is an old stray dog, sick and infirm. She roamed the streets of Los Angeles all her short and hard dog life. But one day she came to this porch, made herself comfortable, and fell asleep. Since then, her life has changed in a way that any other dog would envy her, writes positive-info

When the owner of the house found this poor dog, she called it «Nightingale», which means «I came alone» in Spanish. No, she didn’t take it, she put it in a dog kennel, where the families took it from. But after a while, everyone returned it — Solo was too troubled and elderly. But one day, Carol saw a photo of Solo on the Internet, read her story, and realized that she wanted to take it away.

Carol was a fan of «Star Wars» and it amused her that the dog’s name is the same as Han Solo — one of the main characters of the classic. «She was very sad,» recalls Carol, » but I immediately realized that she would stay with me.»

When she first arrived at Carol’s house, Solo ate little and flinched constantly when someone tried to pet her. Solo had rotten teeth that gave her pain, and she had hearing problems. Carol patiently solved all her problems.

She turned on the light before entering the room where Solo was so that she wouldn’t be afraid. She took care of her teeth and just loved her. Gradually, Solo blossomed into a completely different animal.


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