The Saddest Dog Waits For Someone To Finally Give Her The Love She Deserves And She Is Sad

The saddest little dog, later named Dora, was wasting away at the city pound. She was underweight, had skin issues and suffered emotional trauma. Thankfully, Howl Of A Dog, a fantastic rescue group that works tirelessly to save dogs in situations like Dora’s, found her and saved her from the mean pound, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They took her in to get her proper medical treatment. But her physical health was just the half of it. She needed to heal on the inside too. Howl Of A Dog didn’t know her back story but they could see, in her eyes, extreme sadness. They had to act quickly to heal her completely.

The volunteers brought her to the vet clinic and began working on her physical symptoms. A nice bath was the first step. But even with their loving hands touching her, Dora seemed stuck in her traumatic past. Her eyes still held so much pain and her tail didn’t wag. Did she understand she was saved? No. Not yet.

She continued to walk with her head down and her tail between her legs. It was as if she had given up. But her rescuers were NOT giving up on her.

After two long weeks, she began to see that her life was a far cry from what it was before… her tail started to wag in a tiny motion. But there was so much more to go!

A dog, who had completely given up, is given EVERYTHING so she can feel love for the very first time. Will it finally change those sad eyes? Or will it all come too late?


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