The Farmer Finds A Newborn Calf Frozen In The Snow-And Saves His Life In Hottub

Like humans, many animals are vulnerable to the dangers of cold. You can experience frostbite and hypothermia. So when people do everything to keep them warm, it’s always inspiring, writes theanimaljoy

Like a farmer improvised to save life of icy cow with a very unexpected solution.

Dean Gangwar raises cattle on his farm in Rossville, Indiana. On a cold morning in 2015, Dean noticed an unexpected addition to his farm.

One of his cows gave birth unnoticed at midnight. Her unfortunately she took her calf to a snowy mountain and her newborn was now frozen.

Dean could see that the calf was barely breathing and couldn’t keep his eyes open. He took his cattle to his house to save its life.

From his experience with cows, he knew he had to put the calf in a hot tub … and Dean happened to have a perfect cow-sized bath: his hot tub!

Sounds unusual, but the plan worked like a charm.

“I dressed up and jumped in and lifted Leroy so he wouldn’t drown. He and I took a nice bath for an hour,” Dean told WRTV. “We both come out warmly and I think the final episode will be great for him.”

After this relaxing whirlpool session, the farmer wrapped his calf in a warm electric blanket.

He named the calf Leroy. Soon the cow’s temperature was normal and he was ready to join the herd.

Saving the life of this little cow was a kind and quick idea, but the farmer says it’s unusual to share his hot tub with the cow.

“Leroy’s officially completed hot tubing,” he said. “His future is undoubtedly a little sunbathing, but his hot tub day is definitely over.”


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