The dog was so scared, it closed its eyes like a child when the rescue team came after him

The dog is a devoted friend. The same cannot be said about a person. This golden retriever was so intimidated by previous owners that the dog couldn’t even see people. Apparently, it was so tortured, it just stopped trusting people, writes positive-info

The retriever went to an abandoned warehouse and decided to live away from people. The unfortunate dog was found out at the Hope For Paws Animal rescue center. The staff of the center decided to help the dog, who could not even get food for itself.

But when the dog was discovered, instead of making contact, on the contrary, it hid from people as far as possible. The retriever got under the trailer from the employees of the center.

No persuasion worked on the dog. It only got deeper under the trailer from people. The employees couldn’t even lure the dog out with food. And this despite the fact that the dog did not eat for five or six days. It simply did not believe that there were people in the world who did not want to offend it. The dog was disappointed in people. It was so scared that it closed its eyes like a child.

Only with the help of a long tube with a collar at the end was it possible to pull the dog out of its hiding place. The animal watched every movement of people with distrust for a long time. Only after the retriever was washed and fed at the center, the dog’s heart thawed.

It has once again become happy and cheerful. In the center, the animal has been nicknamed Clarabelle. Now the employees of Hope For Paws are looking for loving owners for the dog. The center hopes that with the new father and mother, Clarabelle will forget about all the hardships that happened to it.


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