The cat’s mother quickly hugged her baby when she heard that the owner wanted to give it to someone else: Please don’t take me away

Recently, Sohu newspaper published an article about a mother cat who expressed an amazing attitude when she heard that the owner wanted to take her baby away. It is known that the story once “covered” the media of countries in 2018, but so far, Chinese netizens have suddenly shared it again, writes kenhthoisu

Accordingly, the Asiatic cat was born and raised in an animal loving house in China. Although not living in luxury, the owner does not let the “boss” lack anything. It is an important member of the family.

It is known that when Tieu A was pregnant, everyone was very happy and eager to welcome the birth of beautiful angels. However, the pregnant mother gave birth to only one child. Therefore, the kitten immediately became the family’s treasure.

The owner said that since becoming a “milky mother”, Tieu A’s temperament is much calmer. She is no longer playful and roaming around like before, but stays at home all day to take care of the little cat. Mother and daughter are inseparable, sometimes making everyone jealous.

One day, the owner had a friend to visit, the woman “hit the thunder of love” when she saw the kitten for the first time and asked for it to be adopted. Although the mistress had no such intention, “sen” wanted to poke Tieu A once. The girl immediately pretended to agree, and was about to come and give the baby to her friend.

When Tieu A heard that, she quickly rushed to the nest, she quickly hugged her beloved son in her lap. Moreover, a series of expressions of “milky mother” made everyone laugh. From sadness, anger, to resolute eyes like to declare: “Don’t touch my baby, take it away and go to work immediately!”

Feeling the bullet-shaped eyes constantly moving towards her, the owner finally laughed and explained to Tieu A that she was only joking. At that time, the mother cat refused to let go of the defense. However, it still hugged the kitten tightly, determined not to let go.

The above images, after being circulated by the online community, caused a stir in public opinion. Everyone laughed at Xiaoya’s cute action. At the same time, they were very touched with the affection that “milk mother” has for the kittens.

Referring to the sacred motherhood, we cannot forget the story of a homeless cat who asked her chicken friend to take care of her cubs. Specifically, at a small farm in China, the owner recently discovered that a “pregnant cat” regularly visited.


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