Terrier Chews His Own Paw Off After Medical Foster Duct Tapes His Leg

A dog named Highway was supposed to be receiving medical foster care after being hit by a car, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The sweet one-year-old terrier mix suffered femur fractures, a fractured pelvis and rib, and a ruptured bladder. A group named Guardians of Rescue intervened and found him a medical foster. Little did they realize the poor dog suffered in the foster’s care.

The group that was supposed to take care of Highway and at least 70 other dogs in their care is called Dragon Paws. They posted online asking for donations and by all accounts, they seemed like a caring, reputable organization.

With sheriff’s deputies by her side, Lea Moore from Guardians of Rescue approached the Floridian property. Dozens of dogs were found in kennels, stacked on each other, standing in their own waste. One of those dogs was Highway.

After being in Dragon Paws care for six months, they fixed the dog’s bladder but did nothing about his damaged leg. The foster family admits duct taping the dog’s leg to his body. Poor Highway tried to chew his leg off. All the dogs on the property had hookworms and all were in dire need of medical care.

“The nerves die, and that leg becomes totally unusable and that’s why he decided to try to chew off his foot. It’s just dead weight,” said Moore.

The owner of Dragon Paws is Sandra Ables. She and her family lived in a small trailer with the dogs in emaciated and declining states of health. Dragon Paws has a presence in three states, and recently the Georgia Department of Agriculture suspended their license.

Since being rescued, Highway’s leg had to be amputated, but his personality has since emerged. More admits he is a fun dog who loves attention. Highway and many of the other dogs pulled from Dragon Paws are now available for adoption.


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