Teeny Stray With Broken Leg Needed To Learn To Be Brave & Keep Chin Up

Stray animals have enough to contend with, writes ilovemydogsomuch

They have to survive all types of weather, find enough food to eat, and clean water to drink. They also have to find adequate shelter to sleep in. Many animals are forced to cross busy roads in order to find what they need. This is when accidents happen. Sadly, the smallest, most vulnerable lives are at greater risk.

Neo, a tiny puppy, was all on his own. He did all he could to take care of himself but was tragically hit by a car. When a kind human finally came along, he was crying out in pain. The woman was afraid to touch him. She didn’t know what to do. Thankfully she had the smarts to call a local vet clinic. The vet told her how to pick up the puppy so she didn’t injure him further.

The woman spoke calmly to Neo and told him he would be okay. She gently lifted the little one up and put him safely into her car. She then drove over to the clinic. When Neo and the woman came inside, the vet took them in right away. Neo needed x-rays immediately.

The x-rays revealed that his hind leg was badly fractured. Because he was so young, surgery was very risky. The vet consulted with an animal orthopedist. He wasn’t sure what the best treatment plan should be. Both doctors decided that Neo’s leg should be set in a cast and observed daily. He was to stay at the vet clinic and hopefully recover completely.

Neo had never been around such nice people before. He never had daily meals either. The puppy was overjoyed when he was given his own bed and some toys. He went from struggling on the streets to having everything he needed. He felt lucky even though he was injured.

The brave puppy did amazing! He made friends with the other dogs at the clinic. And his leg began to heal nicely. The vet finally cleared him to go to a local shelter. But first, it was time to cut off the cast! Neo’s leg looked great. He would need some physical therapy but other than that, he was in perfect health.

The shelter agreed to take adoption applications for Neo once he was neutered and a bit older. He was only five weeks old and needed time to grow. We are so grateful for Neo’s rescue. Thank you to the kind woman, the vet clinic staff, and shelter volunteers. To see Neo’s story, check it out below!


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