Teens Saw Listless Dog On Side Of Road & Thought He Was Dead, Then His Eyes Moved

13-year-old Wade Harrell and his friends Brayden and Tyler were riding their bikes down Castille Highway in Acadia Parish, Louisiana, when they noticed a dog lying down in the grass, writes ilovemydogsomuch

Initially, the teens thought the dog was dead since he wasn’t moving, but then they saw his eyes move and immediately jumped into action.

The boys called Haseya’s New Beginning Animal Rescue in Rayne and asked for their assistance.

While they were waiting for help to arrive, the teens used their bicycles to make a barricade around the dog to protect him, and stayed by his side until help arrived.

The rescue says if the teens didn’t find the dog, whose name is Taz, then he most likely wouldn’t have survived.

“It’s so crazy because they could’ve not been riding on that part of the road,” Katie LeBlanc, a volunteer at the rescue, told KLFY. “They could’ve not found him. They just could’ve passed him up, but something said in their heart, I guess, ‘man, we need to help this dog,’ and they did.”

When rescuers arrived, they lifted him in a blanket like a hammock so they didn’t hurt him any more than he already was, and took him back to their shelter.

Since he was limping and may possibly have a hip injury, they put him on pain medication to help him through the night. They also gave him food and a warm bed to sleep in.

Thankfully, Taz’s owners saw the rescue’s post on Facebook and were able to reunite with him the following day. They said he had been missing for a week and were so relieved that the teens found him and stopped to help.


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