Teen Suffers Near-Death Experience And Gives Amazing Testimony About Meeting Jesus

On his 17th birthday, Zack Clements passed away. Thankfully for him, his family members and his classmates in Brownwood, Texas, he just remained dead for 20 minutes. Throughout his ordeal, Zack says that he fulfilled Jesus.

Zack collapsed without advising while running sprints during his regular senior high school gym class. Zack remained in great form as a member of his school’s football team. For 20 minutes, nonetheless, he had no heartbeat. Paramedics worked to revive him, however fruitless. They will articulate him dead when, once again without caution, his heart began beating once again.

Zack was airlifted to Prepare Kid’s Hospital in neighboring Ft Well worth, Texas. There, nonetheless, medical professionals really did not hold out much hope. His 20 minutes with no pulse suggested the likelihood that he ‘d endured permanent mental retardation was high. Medical professionals positioned him in a clinically generated coma to help his brain manage the trauma.

Zack remained in a coma and unresponsive in the critical care unit of Cook Children’s Medical facility of Ft Worth, Texas, for 3 entire days. When he got up, to the surprise of his doctors, he had no signs of any kind of sort of damage. And he had an unanticipated tale to tell.

Zack claimed he saw a line of angels with Jesus standing in the middle of them. Jesus put his hand on Zack’s shoulder as well as informed him every little thing would certainly be okay. Since Zack returned to the living, he states he has seemed like a more powerful individual. He feels as if somebody is monitoring him.

After a number of weeks, Zack was able to return to institution. He currently uses a defibrillator vest, considering that medical professionals determined his first collapse resulted from a rhythm issue within his heart. His moms and dads prepared a belated birthday celebration for him, inviting everybody that conserved his life. Zack, nonetheless, understands one key element that kept him alive to celebrate his birthday: the unforeseen go to from Jesus while he was scientifically dead.

Look into the full video clip below!
Zack’s not the only person who’s had an unanticipated encounter with Jesus. See Heaven Is Genuine and a man that met Jesus after a body organ failing.

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