Street Dog With Terrible Mange Spends Months In Recovery

Every animal should have a loving home to call their own. Sadly, not every animal’s life starts out in that manner, writes xaga

For one pooch, Scamper, his life started out as a stray on the streets. But he was suffering quite badly as well – his skin was badly infected.

He looked quite awful, but luckily for him, some of the neighbors in the area where he was surviving decided they needed to get in touch with someone for help.

That is when they got ahold of Animal Aid Unlimited, asking that they come and rescue the little dog. The rescue immediately set out to assist the dog in need.

It was clear when they arrived at the scene that the dog was in desperate need of help. His body was in very bad shape and he was so weak, he just laid there, curled up. But despite how badly he was feeling, he knew that the people approaching him were there to help, therefore he managed to give them a very weak tail wag.

They got Scamper to the vet’s for treatment, where his skin condition was diagnosed as mange – but a very severe form of it. In fact, it had gotten so advanced that it was beginning to threaten his life and he had to start treatment straight away. Scamper was administered medicated baths.

Over the coming weeks, he started to feel better and look better, and as a result, more and more of his sweet and playful personality began to emerge.

It’s incredible what some tender loving care can do to help an animal fully heal. Now, it’s hard to recognize the playful pup as the sad dog with mange that began treatment just months before.

Check out Scamper’s transformation below:


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