Street Dog In Terrible Shape Never Stops Wagging His Tail Then Something Happened

In many parts of the world, dogs are cared for in the best way that they can be cared for. There may be some that are waiting to be adopted or in animal shelters, but there are very few dogs that roam the streets, writes xaga

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case in all parts of the world. In fact, there are some areas where stray dogs are the norm and unfortunately, they are also often mistreated.

That was the case with this dog who was in such bad shape when they arrived, they had their doubts as to whether he would survive.

I’d like to introduce you to Oaty. When they first came to rescue him, he was very nervous about being around humans.

You could see that he wanted to trust them, but he was so frightened that he took off running and they had to use a net to catch him.

The problem was, that Oaty had so much mange that he barely had any fur. He certainly did need a lot of TLC, and fortunately, the rescue group was willing to give it to him.

The poor little dog still had difficulty trusting humans. You can see that he is wagging his tail constantly but he also shies away when they try to feed him or give him special care.

Fortunately, he continued to get the care, and eventually, he learned how to trust the humans that only have his best interest in mind. That is when things really turned around.

After being cared for by Animal Aid Unlimited, Oaty was able to grow his hair back and now, he is living the life that he should be living. You can see the love in his eyes and the joy that he has as he runs around and lives it up.

Watch the rescue and the beautiful transformation in the following video:


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