Stray Who’d Nearly Scratched Herself To Death Seen From Behind

Animal Aid Unlimited received word of a street dog who was suffering from an unbelievably terrible case of mange, writes ilovemydogsomuch

She was so scared and lost in this world and just totally exhausted. The poor girl had almost scratched herself to death because of this skin condition, so they needed to take her in immediately.

Her wounds due to the itching were now infested with maggots, so they applied a powder to kill and remove them first. As unsure as she was, the sweet dog cooperated as they worked to save her life. Her recovery would require lots of skin cream and plenty of food, water, and rest.

And you’re going to have a hard time believing this is the same dog! After all of the necessary care and love, Nellie Belle made an amazing transformation back to a healthy and happy pooch. See just how good she looks now in the video below!


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