Stray Dog Is Too Scared To Trust Humans And Hides Under Her Rescuer’s Legs

An abandoned and neglected dog had been living in a burned down house in the woods for months when Dusty Showers and Dan Marerro set out to help. After multiple rescue attempts, they came back one day to see the small Lab mix was finally sitting in their crate, writes ilovemydogsomuch

The dog seemed angry and kept growling at Dusty, but it was a completely different story when she was let out of the cage. Shelly was so timid and scared, she she tried hiding under his legs. She would need to learn to trust humans all over again.

Shortly after, Shelly went on to be fostered by Diane Adams where she learned the ins and outs of a normal dog life. Now she’s in her new forever home with Bonnie Coffey living life under her new name — Kiya! Just an amazing transformation for this dog.


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