Stolen Senior Yorkie Found After Being Listed For Sale As A “Puppy”

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An 8-year-old Yorkie called Cookie was stolen from his backyard in Meriden, Connecticut. For a number of days, his family members had no suggestion where he was till they saw a suspicious advertisement online. Someone was selling a pet dog that looked similar to Cookie, claiming he was a pricey puppy. Naturally, the family members identified the pet as Cookie immediately.

With the help of the cops, they came up with a strategy to get their fuzzy friend back. The situation isn’t shut yet, however at the very least Cookie is safe with the people that like him.

Cookie was Kidnapped!

A few days after Cookie was extracted from his backyard, a 16-year-old family member discovered an idea. Someone noted a Yorkie offer for sale on a mobile market site. The Yorkie looked precisely like Cookie yet was provided as a 4-month-old young puppy for $1,800.

Cookie’s relative recognized that the canine offer for sale was their shed pooch. So, they spoke to the authorities as well as alerted them of the blog post. A police officer went undercover to obtain the pet dog without triggering any type of uncertainty.

” We’re all dog fans, so we can understand just how this household felt shedding a member of the family,” said Lt. Shane Phillips. “Cookie had some one-of-a-kind identifiers that we required to literally have contact with Cookie to be able to determine these functions to determine if he was the taken pet.”

The covert police officer claimed to be someone thinking about purchasing the pet. They met the person selling the “pup” to identify that the dog was Cookie before doing something about it. Obviously, when Cookie saw his humans, that confirmed his identity even further.

An Investigation Proceeds

In a reunion video, Cookie snuggled right up to his mother and leaned ahead to offer his daddy some kisses. He was so satisfied that the problem was over. Being with his family members is all he might ever desire for.

“Cookie the pet dog was happy. As we were bring up the pet was leaping about the cars and truck really excited to see the family, so we didn’t need confirmation that it was Cookie yet if we required it that was it,” Phillips said.

Cops are still checking out the circumstance, but they have not made any kind of arrests yet. They intend to make arrests in the future, though, and those involved will certainly face larceny fees. It is essential to hold these individuals accountable, so nothing else pets need to go with this. Pets are relative, not property.

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