Starving Schnauzer Found Abused And Tied To A Tree On Country Land

Babyinatrenchcoat, a user on Reddit, shared a story of a poor dog, who was found tied to a tree! The woman decided to help the dog, who made a great transformation by her help, writes thepetneeds

The woman shared the story of Kingsley, the Schnauzer, along with photos to show the recovery process step by step.

She wrote that the dog was in a very bad shape and condition as he’d been starved, beaten, and neglected. They found many wounds all over his body after shaving his matted hair!

Furthermore, the dog was so skinny and skittish. Thankfully, the woman and rescuers adopted the dog and took care of him 24/7 till he is completely recovered! He is now completely different as you will never know that he is the same dog before and after! How awesome!

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