Someone Films A Real-Life Tom And Jerry: A Mouse Running Up To A Cat To ‘Cuddle’ After Being Chased

Someone Films A Real-Life Tom And Jerry: A Mouse Running Up To A Cat To ‘Cuddle’ After Being Chased
A video captured in China went viral after a cat and mouse played in the street just like in the classic Tom and Jerry series, writes top13.

We all remember the animated TV series Tom and Jerry, in which a cat and a mouse are constantly chasing each other but deep down they prove to be great friends. A few days ago, in China, a rodent and a feline were recorded playing in the same style as these two well-known characters.

Internet users were fascinated by the relationship between the new Tom and Jerry and quickly demonstrated it by viralizing the video. The scene was captured by a person passing through the city of Xiangyang.

At first you can see that a black cat is chasing a small mouse that is running in the street. With no intention of hurting it, the cat runs towards its friend and lies down on the ground, while the rodent runs towards its belly like trying to cuddle.

The behavior of both animals entertained thousands of people and brought out many smiles around the world.

After one user commented “They get along better than Tom and Jerry,” everyone realized that this was a flesh and blood version of the beloved series.

On the other hand, some experts say that the behavior of the mouse is a typical reaction to a situation that makes it afraid.

One expert assures that when the rodent shows itself rigid at the beginning of the video, it shows that it is afraid of what is happening. It is also a very common strategy among animals to avoid being chased anymore.


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