Smaller Than A Normal Pony, The Miniature Horse Is Fully-Grown And Is Stealing People’s Heart

These horses might make you think that they are just baby ponies, but no, they are fully grown! Meet the mini horse, an animal species that melt people’s hearts with its cuteness, writes aubtu

While horses are often described as large, powerful, and majestic animals, miniature horses grow up at a much smaller size, even smaller than a normal pony. An adult mini horse is around 34-38 inches tall. The only feature that helps distinguish miniature horses from other kinds of horses is their short legs. Otherwise, they are very similar to full-size horses.

They are too small to be ridden by humans, even by children. However, they are intelligent and friendly enough to stay as human pets or to be trained to help other domestic animals.

These adorable creatures can make great companions and be sweet family pets, just like cats and dogs.

According to the Spruce Pets, these horses “originated Europe in the 1600s and soon became popular among the nobility for their novel appearance.” In the 1800s, they started to migrate to the US, worked in mines for several years before finally becoming famous.

There are two types of the mini horse: the American Miniature Horse Association and the American Miniature Horse Registry.


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